Christmas is on its way and so is New Year’s Eve. All your friends and family will write their 2019 resolutions.

Do you know how many of them will get achieved?
An average of 8%!

Not coincidentally, by February most of the people who are now excitingly planning their holidays will suffer a seasonal affective disorder, also called the winter blues.

So why don’t people stick to their resolutions?
The answer is simple – they don’t have the right tools.

Planning is more difficult than it seems and the greatest mistake we all make is that we overestimate our ability to complete large tasks, instead of breaking them into manageable ones.

With the Path Planner, you will offer your friends a truly remarkable and valuable gift, which will replace their bad habits with the ones that bring them to where they want. This extremely valuable tool will help them simplify their life, plan ahead and succeed.
In the end, success is all about mindset: 80% is psychological and only 20% is mechanics.

The Path Planner takes big, complex goals and turns them into accomplishments by breaking them down into manageable tasks. After just one week, the first results will appear.

The Path Planner will help your loved ones to:

  • Stay motivated,
  • Customize: their goals, plans & lives
  • Manage their time and earn up to 2 hours per day
  • Follow their passions – doing what you love will become easier thanks to planning
  • Get focused and improve their lives with 100%

Although nowadays we work fewer hours per week compared to the past and the paid holiday leave has increased, studies* (such as the one made by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) are not very optimistic about our happiness. For example, workers had a 48-hour week on average in 1952 and their happiness levels were higher than the corporatists’ of 2017 who work an average of 40 hours a week.

So why aren’t things changing for us?